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the end of the world

by test their logik

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Test Their Logik PSA:

We have decided to push back the release of our new album until February. It's not the end of the world. But just in case it is the end of the world we're releasing a timely track about the catastrophic end days filled with hope that we live in:

“It's the end of the world and I feel fine.” by Test Their Logik

Every end is a beginning, for a better world to rise the old must die. capitalism and all systems of oppression do not serve this planet or it's people, a better way must be found and that begins with all of us. use this time of immense shifts and transformations to move the world and ourselves forward, towards liberation.

Our new album “Be” drops February 2013


its the end of the world and I feel fine
cuz revenge is so sweet I'm about to get mine
in the streets with my peeps staring down police lines
bandana's up cuz to think is a crime

they want obedient slaves not autonomous minds
we want freedom from all of their monstrous designs
they want total control every inch colonized
we want dignity love and control of our lives

what we gonna do 2012 and it feels like them times
if it's me and you and Armageddon grab a blunt and dime
it's the end of the world as we know it and i'm feeling fine
the revolution they won't show it it won't be televised

turn the tide pick ya side we rise human kind
define the problems then we're plotting revolution worldwide
like a tsunami the people army across the world is gonna rise
devise solutions with collusion they aint fooling with their schooling

got your heads in a vice my advice is recognize it's your life
and if this is your last day on the planet then you better think twice
about what's nice what you doing got you stuck on the grind
the 9-5 to stay alive quit that shit and you will shine

to the top of the mountain i know we will climb
i know that we will make it then transcribe to a rhyme
aint no y2k 99 this time or the sacred calendar of the mayans
not apocalyptic see we flip it when spitting out the science

so raise your glasses shake yo asses we the phoenix from the ashes
rising up we mean it watch ya back ya upper class bastard
wanna be slave masters see you're running outta time
it's the end of your world sucker and i'm feeling fine

It's the end of the world and I feel fine
I been waiting for this day for a real long time
so the signs real early prepared for the decline
got a garden started armin' the community to find

solutions to pollution ways to keep movin'
ways to keep food in their tummies without money
the end of the world doesn't have to be so bloody
their world was so ugly peeps were so gully

but we shifted the whole paradigm
revolution worldwide new frame of mind
a new way of life, and its about time
so we laughing and we dancing while the old world dies

if this is the end my friend don't break we bend
with the winds of change break the chains gotta defend
the people the planet community it's why were alive
why were here fight for freedom until the day we die

the army dormant waking swarming apply
the lessons of the past so that we can survive
if the end has arrived greet it with a smile and wink
it's the end of the world but it's not what you think

its the end of the world and I feel fine
cuz im bout to flip the script the beginning is nigh
the empire's naked the system a lie
fist to the sky we'll resist til it dies

tearing down prisons they built for our lives
build alternatives where we can decide
how we live how we love how we get organized
the end of their world means a new world will rise


released December 21, 2012
test their logik 2012


all rights reserved



test their logik Toronto, Ontario

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